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Primary Schools, Cardiff Council has published a blog post: One Planet Education for City Schools

150 enthusiastic members of Primary School Eco-Clubs descended on County Hall last week for a fun-packed day of bug hunting, water workshops, pedal powered games, musical pass the recycling and much more for our One Planet Schools Event.

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Thornhill Primary
Cardiff Council says:

Thornhill Primary is going solar! They recently installed solar panels on their roof to provide all the energy needed to power 20 computers in their IT suite. Congratulations on that great achievement!

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Whitchurch Primary
Cardiff Council says:

Congratulations to Whitchurch Primary, who recently achieved their Platinum Eco-School Award! By replacing their old lighting system with LED’s they will save about £4,000 a year. This scheme will be bringing amazing energy savings of almost 68%!

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Cardiff Council has published a blog post: Superb Schools Savings in the Easter holidays

Once again, the responsible Teachers, Staff and Pupils of Cardiff’s Schools made some massive reduction on their Energy bills over the recent Easter Holidays; hugely reducing their Carbon Footprint at the same time.

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Cardiff Council has published a blog post: Oakfield Primary Cardiff wins Platinum Eco-Award!

Congratulations to Oakfield Primary, Cardiff, who recently received the prestigious Platinum Eco-Award Trophy for their services toward helping the Environment.

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Primary Schools, Cardiff Council says:

In the autumn half term, Thornhill Primary School was the first school in the authority to completely refurbish their lighting to LED via SALIX SEELS. This improved classroom light levels & is set to realise a whopping 74% lighting energy reduction!

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