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One Planet Education for City Schools

Written by Primary Schools, Cardiff Council on 30th June 2015

150 enthusiastic members of Primary School Eco-Clubs descended on County Hall last week for a fun-packed day of bug hunting, water workshops, pedal powered games, musical pass the recycling and much more for our One Planet Schools Event. 

With workshops from Welsh Water, Love Food Hate Waste, RSPB Cymru and Fairtrade as well as our Waste Education and Schools Energy Awareness Officer covering everything from recycling to renewables, and water to waste the school children were given a real education in green living. 

Our Principal Sustainable Development Officer, Steve Knowles, said:

“It’s been a great success, lots of smiling faces all round and that’s the point really. All the sessions are designed to be fun, but there’s a real purpose behind what we’ve been doing today, if we want a sustainable future for the planet then we need the next generation to understand that they have a big part to play in making that happen.” 

Right now Cardiff is a three planet city - if everybody in the world consumed resources at the same rate as we do then it would take three planets to support us. 

If you want to make the difference to the future of Cardiff and make it a more sustainable city then get in touch with 

The event was sponsored by Viridor.

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