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Heathrow Airports Ltd

Since 1955 Heathrow has been connecting people from around the globe, making it the world’s busiest international airport. Heathrow’s vision is to be ‘The UK’s direct connection to the world and Europe’s hub of choice by making every journey better’ and we believe doing business responsibly is integral to achieving our vision. But with 400 companies employing 76,000 people and over 190,000 passengers travelling on more than 1,280 flights every day, our electricity consumption is the same as the Isle of white. That’s why we recognise that climate change is a significant issue for aviation and are committed to playing our role in addressing it. Within Responsible Heathrow, we have committed to reduce CO2 from energy used in our buildings by 34% (1990 – 2020). This target focuses on emissions the airport can control and aligns with the Government’s CO2 reduction commitment

We're taking part in the Mayor of London's Business Energy Challenge.

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Morven from Heathrow Airports Ltd says:

All 4,441 of the original light fittings in the Terminal 5 MSCP car park have been replaced with brand new 60% more efficient LED lamps. As well as costing less to operate, they are brighter – improving both security and the customer experience

28th October 2014
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