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The GOSH Sustainability Challenge Start TODAY!!!

Written by Great Ormond Street Hospital on 22nd June 2015

"We pledge to design our new buildings to the highest possible environmental standards" Matthew Tulley - Director of Redevelopment


Today is the start of the GOSH Sustainability Challenge. At the GOSH Sustainability Fair staff and visitors at GOSH submitted over 100 stories to share the fantastic things they are doing towards the GOSH Sustainability Commitment and this fortnight is your opportunity to join in!

We know you are already doing a lot – here’s a chance to share it

With many actions already taking place across the Trust we invite you to share as many stories as possible to help to spark a wave of energy saving activity across the entire estate. You have until 3rd July to submit yours!

What are stories and how to take part

From large projects to everyday habits, you can tell us what you are already doing or even try a new energy saving action to boost the total! Volume of actions is important. This is the chance for your department to share and inspire everyone at GOSH with what can be done - every  contribution counts! There will be prizes for submitting stories.

How to take part?

- Sign up at
- Submit a story on the left hand side of your member page and tell us where on the estate you are based


- Comment at the bottom of this Blog post

Submit your story today - it only takes a minute!

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