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Operation TLC@GOSH - Prioritisation

Written by Operation TLC on 25th March 2015

At the start of Operation TLC, the team conducted a scoping and prioritisation visit at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Although the types of energy inefficient behaviours seen in different hospitals are frequently the same, the impact that staff (and therefore a change campaign) can have on those behaviours can vary significantly. In order to make the most difference, we visit areas looking for how much control there is, how much energy is being used, and how much opportunity there is for improvement. Completing the prioritisation scoring matrix, and combining this information with building floor area and energy consumption, allows us to identify what the actions are that should be targeted throughout Operation TLC.

Three particular issues stood out following the prioritisation: unnecessary use of lighting during the day, problems with temperature levels in wards, and use of equipment in high energy areas, such as labs.

The first campaign, being piloted now, has been chosen as a campaign around improved use of natural light. Of the three prioritised areas, this one was chosen first as it directly impacts on staff and patients, has a high level of controllability, and a clear patient benefit link. We hope to see the results of the first pilot towards the end of June.

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