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What is Operation TLC?

Written by Operation TLC on 10th March 2015

Rising energy costs, climate change, increasing numbers of health service users, budget pressures and the aim to improve quality of care present a challenge to the NHS. Operation TLC was initially developed at Barts Health NHS Trust in response to all of these issues. An initial trial at Barts Health demonstrated the achievable energy savings within a health setting and the potential impact that energy initiatives can have on patient wellbeing.

Operation TLC is about staff managing buildings optimally to improve patient care.

The campaign was initially named after the three core actions that staff were being asked to carry out: Turn off equipment, Lights out, Close doors. By carrying out these actions, staff take better control of their building environment, supporting the existing building services to deliver the best environment as efficiently as possible.

Optimum building management for patient wellbeing in turn brings energy efficiency, cost reductions and carbon savings to the hospital.

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