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Written by Foreign & Commonwealth Office on 20th November 2017

We’ve been working to deliver an efficient and sustainable IT infrastructure, working in partnership with our Facilities Management team (Interserve) and our IT team (Knowledge and Technology Department), to deliver a ‘world-class platform’ in-line with our internal transformation programme ‘Diplomacy 20:20’.

Data Centres account for a significant proportion of our total electricity consumption within the UK, and provide a global service to the FCO. Focussing on data centre infrastructure delivers environmental performance whilst also delivering long-term value for money for the British taxpayer.

Performance against energy efficiency standards compliance (Energy Star and EPEAT labelling) is very good. Government Buying Standards compliance mandates Energy Star compliance, and Computacenter are highly compliant (near 100%) in the areas that have a Government Buying Standard (Desktops, monitors, printers). This is due to the good compliance of the legacy estate devices. An assessment has also been made of devices purchased for Tech Overhaul which are 100% compliant.

SMI have engaged with the Tech Overhaul Smartphone, performance improvement and devices rollout work streams to ensure that ICT waste is treated correctly and responsibly in accordance with legal obligations and if brought back to the UK, properly accounted for in accordance with FCO Environmental Policy. Continued engagement with the Tech Overhaul programme ensured that a KTD-TO waste policy was produced by the end of the financial year. Projects are also challenged at Change Boards to demonstrate that they are operating in accordance with FCO’s Environmental policy. In 2017-18 the majority of new devices will be rolled out to staff. New laptops have much lower power consumption that the existing desktops and have the potential to deliver the biggest savings of all the Tech Overhaul work streams. After installation in the UK, it is estimated that there will be a saving of 486tCO2e & from 2018-19 the savings are forecast at 729tCO2e per year

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