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CarbonCulture Team says:

Unilever's 'Sustainable Living' brands generated 70% of turnover growth, and grew 46% faster than rest of business

11th May 2018
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CarbonCulture Team says:

Legal & General's new Climate Impact Pledge will incentivise businesses to step up to sustainable practices

8th May 2018
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CarbonCulture Team says:

Unilever CEO Paul Polman's reflection on the natural connection between staff engagement and sustainability, with findings and best practices from Unilever & peers.

1st August 2017
CarbonCulture Team says:

Trump’s team decides not to decide to abandon Paris climate agreement just yet. Everyone else doing great work.

10th May 2017
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CarbonCulture Team says:

New tax breaks for repair businesses @sweden will keep products and materials out of landfill & in productive use

30th September 2016
CarbonCulture Team says:

We Mean Business' announcement has been brewing a long time - fantastic to see it today in the FT - and making a splash all around New York Climate Week.

28th September 2015
Creative Commons: Juampe López, 2005
CarbonCulture Team says:

Al Gore will today call on UK Government to 'unleash' private sector to deliver low-carbon future

22nd September 2015
CarbonCulture Team says:

An Apollo-style research programme to make renewable energy cheaper than fossil fuels has won the backing of Sir David Attenborough

16th September 2015
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CarbonCulture Team has published a blog post: Accessibility on CarbonCulture

We aim, in the design and development of the CarbonCulture digital touchpoints, to make it accessible…

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luke from CarbonCulture Team says:

This shower curtain has inflatable spikes to gently kick you out after you've had a four-minute shower :) more info at

24th July 2015

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