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Help us find a Community Manager

Written by CarbonCulture Team on 1st September 2014

CarbonCulture is a unique service that combines a purpose-designed digital platform with support services to help our members (organisations that commission CarbonCulture programmes) and users drive sustainability in engaging, fun ways!

We believe that if people and organisations work together, they can save more energy and carbon than if they operate in silos. Working with communities within the buildings they use, we apply an evidence-based, participatory approach to our programmes. We combine offline engagement, workshops and activities with our purpose-designed digital platform that’s capable of consuming a range of real-time data, to build programmes that are adaptable, user-driven and scalable.

Community management is a crucial part of what we do, and connects all our activity to create real sustainability outcomes in the real world.

We are looking for a Community Manager to join our small Community Management team, to help our members get the most out of CarbonCulture.

As a Community Manager, you will work to update members on new potential opportunities and support them with their sustainability ambitions. You will be responsible for content creation, keeping abreastwith developments within our field and helping spread the word about CarbonCulture. The role also involves collecting evidence to establish the impact of our services.

The Community Manager is an enthusiastic and knowledgable point of contact for our members. Day to day activities are focused on communications (like responding to feedback requests and drafting Blog posts) requesting information from members, setting up platform pages and monitoring the platform. This includes checking CarbonCulture data feeds and following up with members on any unusual usage, feeds being down, etc. As the Community Manager, you will keep an ongoing dialogue with members and provide them with help and encouragement as they update their CarbonCulture content.

As a Community Manger, you will regularly check in with members to find out what events and deadlines they are working against, find ways that CarbonCulture can help them achieve their goals more efficiently and suggest potential opportunities for collaboration. All our programmes are based around the users of CarbonCulture and the community so this means the role will include some project management, planning and guiding communities through the steps of their programme; monitoring progress, processing data and statistics and filing reports.

The Community Managers work closely with the CarbonCulture designers, to ensure that the tools developed serve our users well. You will field-test tools and provide feedback to the team of what works and what needs to be improved. You will also document best practices and encourage members to share case studies in a structured and efficient way.

Occasionally, More Associates and CarbonCulture hold events and workshops, at which the Community Manager plays an important role. You will help to arrange these events, ensure that they are targeted to suit member needs and participate during the events. This might include videographing, photographing, interviewing and writing stories about the event.

The Community Manager is also responsible for CarbonCulture’s social media presence, and will update social media feeds and the blog, as well as support members in their own blogging.

In sum, the Community Manager ensures that members get a lot of value out of their CarbonCulture services and that we help them to achieve their goals more efficiently. The Community Manager instills a sense of community among the CarbonCulture members, where membership is valued and the community is a space for high-level conversations and knowledge sharing among thought leaders within sustainability and energy.

The right candidate would benefit from prior knowledge and experience in: sustainability, environmental programmes/services, communications, project management, community engagement and design. We’re looking for someone with good communication and organisational skills, and who is confident using computers.

If you would like to apply for this role, send your CV and a covering letter to:

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