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We're the people who work with you to make CarbonCulture programmes happen! Our team has a big mix of experience across user-centred design, science, software development, community management and communications. It's our aim to combine these in the best ways to create services that lead to real, measurable engagement and energy savings. The more input and feedback we get from you, the better CarbonCulture will be, so please check out the Blog and get involved!

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Illustration by Irene Rinaldi
CarbonCulture Team says:

Unilever CEO Paul Polman's reflection on the natural connection between staff engagement and sustainability, with findings and best practices from Unilever & peers.

1st August 2017
CarbonCulture Team says:

Trump’s team decides not to decide to abandon Paris climate agreement just yet. Everyone else doing great work.

10th May 2017
Photo credit: hey mr glen via / CC BY-NC
CarbonCulture Team says:

New tax breaks for repair businesses @sweden will keep products and materials out of landfill & in productive use

30th September 2016
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  • We should join in with - I reckon we could get a perfect score!

    A CarbonCulture@CarbonCulture Team member
  • I am cycling to work most days, and loving it!

    A CarbonCulture@CarbonCulture Team member

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