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Wising Up to Water Use

Written by Cabinet Office on 23rd March 2015

Water is a resource that is becoming increasingly precious. We have been working hard to reduce the water consumption at the Cabinet Office. Here are a few things we have done so far:

Waterless Urinals – A typical urinal uses 540 litres per day.  Installing waterless urinals within 70 Whitehall has reduced water demand by over 1000m3 per year.

Sensor Operated Taps – Sensor operated taps reduce water wastage and prevent taps from accidentally being left on.

Dual Flush Toilets – A typical single flush toilet uses 9 litres per flush. Dual flush toilets allow smaller flushes to be used when appropriate reducing water use by up to 50%.

Enhanced Mircrofibre Cleaning Equipment – We have recently introduced a new pre-wetted microfibre cleaning system which reduces the amount of water used during routine cleaning. 

What can you do to help us maintain our performance? Be our eyes and ears around the building. If you see a leaking tap or overflowing toilet cistern, contact the Helpdesk or write to us here through Feedback.

Did you know?...

Recent maintenance and changes to the water network in 70 Whitehall has reduced our water consumption by 1200 m3 per month! That is enough water to fill 14 typical 25m swimming pools every year!

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