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Keeping Your Office Cool

Written by Cabinet Office on 23rd March 2015

Two of the core Cabinet Office buildings, 70 Whitehall and 35 Great Smith Street, have had mechanical heating and ventilation systems installed within them. This is a big change from the naturally ventilated system that used to be installed. Here are a few things that will help you have a comfortable working environment:

Keep Doors and Windows Closed – The system is designed to function with an enclosed space. Opening doors and windows can mean that the AC units are unable to provide enough cooling to counter the loss of cooled air from the offices.

Avoid the Draft – When in cooling mode the system will deliver cold air to the offices at temperatures below that of the room set point. There is therefore the potential for cold drafts to be felt if sat in direct line of the AC unit.

Keep the Vents Clear – The AC units have controllers within them that automatically control if cooling (or heating) is required. Blocking the flow to and from the units may cause the controllers to act out of sync with the room conditions by creating cold (or hot) pockets around the units.

Switch Off Unused Equipment – Electronic equipment such as PCs, Printers and Lights generate heat while they are switched on. Leaving them on when not in use will mean that the AC units take longer to adjust the temperature of the room.

Use Solar Shades – People can often feel hot if sat in direct sunlight even if the room temperature is well controlled. A simple sunshade could be an energy‑free solution.

Did you know?...

Opening an external window during the summer months will introduce the same amount of heat to a room as having two electric heaters switched on!

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