Join in, team up, make a difference

CarbonCulture is a community platform that is designed to help people use resources more efficiently. We have set out to make it easy and rewarding to do the things that save the most carbon, energy, water, waste and money. We're interested in what can be achieved through your workplace – whether you work for a company or the Government, or for a charity or an NGO. CarbonCulture builds on the ability that we all have to make big things happen when we get together, and backs it up with the real-time information, empirical evidence and community tools that best create savings.

As with any journey, you begin by finding out where you're starting from. The first step in CarbonCulture is measuring and reporting your organisation's carbon and energy performance. Our first group of participating organisations have all chosen to publish their energy and carbon performance in real time, and welcome ideas and feedback from their employees and the public about how to get better. You can click through to their reporting pages using the links on the right to see how this first step works.

The next step is to create savings, and to do that in a way that is itself efficient. We've been working with leading organisations like Defra and DECC to develop high-performance ways to make savings, and we're working with other organisations to come up with more. This is where it gets exciting. These tools are currently under development and will be shared with everybody over the coming months.

If we're going to deal with climate change, we need to tighten our 'carbon' belts at every opportunity. It's fine to continue 'doing your bit' but 'doing your bit' works a lot better (and is more fun) when it's done with others. By working together, our 'little bits' will grow into 'big bits', and this is where the magic happens. At CarbonCulture, we help you work out the best actions to take, create easy and rewarding ways to make them happen, and watch with you in real-time, as your collective actions have a real effect on the real world.